about marked industries

Marked Industries was formed on the heels of the creation of the world’s first portable CNC concrete engraving machine. In the world of concrete and industrial flooring, that’s a big deal! Marked Industries was founded by Scott and Stephen Beaty, brothers who have spent their lives and careers working in concrete construction, and saw the opportunity ahead of them.


So what does Marked Industries do? We provide quality, customized CNC engraving to hard surfaces such as concrete and wood. For our clients, we’ve engraved bar tops with the restaurant’s logo and we’ve added sleek, long lasting designs to the concrete flooring in businesses all across the country. We’ve even added durable and effective safety signage to warehouse floors. If there’s one thing we know about warehouses, it’s that they run efficiently and safely when the rules are followed (and clearly “Marked”). 


Our technology is precise and we work with you to understand what you’re looking for in your design. We then upload a file to the CNC engraver and the machine gives a 1 to 1 replica engraved into wood or concrete. That means sharp lines and intricate textures that bring your one-of-a-kind design to life. For most clients, we finish the job with color and add epoxy resin to fill out and enhance the design. 


We pride ourselves on being a one-and-done business, meaning, we get the job done right the first time. Since we know the ins and outs of concrete, we can work with you to understand if the surface you have is in proper condition to be engraved or if it needs to be updated. We see our CNC concrete engraver, not only as a way to highlight your brand, but also as a way to customize your space. We also provide customized pricing because no two jobs are the same. We’re experts in what we do and we will work with you to design an end product that not only fits your business’ needs, but your budgeted bottom line. 


For businesses seeking long lasting, sleek, and durable solutions Marked Industries has got you covered. Our goal is simple, help you make your mark.

Architecture and Contractors

Food, Beverage, and Hospitality

Educational institutions

Commercial Properties

Municipal Buildings

Sports Organizations

Religious Institutions